Noble Linen

Sponcer Linens and more

Used Linens and Clothings are not the Solutions for our less fortunate Citizens
Like us they also Deserve and need new Products because Used items make them
feel seperated.

What we offer is a Solution to this issue. We are Importers and Wholesalers of Shelter and Housing Linens working with non Profits Organizations since 1983. We are not a Retailers so we do not have a Hefty Expenses of Rents etc Like large Retailers which give very big edge to us so we can offer same or better product at very low price and all our Products are BRAND NEW.

How Does this work?

  1. While Sitting at your workplace, home or anywhere select from our very Vast Varity of Products From Linens, Clothings, Health Products, Hygiene Products, Mattresses and even Food Etc.
  2. Advise your Desired Shelter or Organization.
  3. Place your Order with the address of Delivery or if you like to Pick yourself, or want us to deliver product to your location or even direct Deliver to the Shelter
  4. We Sent the POD ( Proof of Delivery) with Signature and name of the Reciptance, than you Pay us by Chq, Cash or Email Fund Transfer.

FAQ ( frequently Ask Questions)

  1. I do not know which Shelter wants what product, can I Offer Cash Donation?
    Answer: We do not accept cash Donations, you can advise the Budget and we can check with our network of Shelters we work with which are over 250 Shelters what they require we can than send that Particular Product to that Particular Shelter and send you POD ( Proof of Delivery)
  2. Do a I Get Tax Deducatables Receipt?
    Answer Yes once the Product is Delivered and the Invoice is created you will get the Tax Deductable Reciept from the Organization where the product was delivered.
  3. Can I personally Buy the Product and add with my other Donation?
    Answer: Yes you can in that case once the Product is delivered you can pay by Chq or Cash on Delivery
  4. Is there a Minimum Sponcership?
    Answer: We try to make our best to keep the Minimums as low as possible but due to Admin and Delivery cost Minimum Sponcership had to be $199.99 before taxes.

    Henry from a Shelter in Toronto. "Sometimes we get Donations which are not useable and we had pile up and than pay to get rid of them which cause extra cost to us and use of Volunteers, if we get what Shelter Needs life will be very Different and nice"

    Heather from Youth Housing in Montreal "Sometimes even when we get Cash Donations we get in issues where to get the Product as we do not have Full like paid Buyers so we go out and buy from Retailers which does not give us maximum for our cash Donations"

    Any Questions you have regarding this service feel free to email us at or call 647 861 2247